Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pencil Sharpener That Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'

I'm sure most, if not all of you have seen this fantastic pencil sharpener ALL OVER the internet and on lots of blogs!  Well there's a very good reason it is getting so much's FANTASTIC!

I was sent this handsome pencil sharpener in return for an HONEST review which is what I am going to give you!  

First, I love the way it looks (excuse the poor pics please)!  It's part retro, part modern design matches any decor!  It comes in blue (the one I received), red, black and green!  I will admit that I would NOT  turn down a pink version (hint, hint Troy).

Second it is super easy to use!   Really it's as easy as 1-2-3!  You can either attach it to a counter or desktop or just stand it on a flat surface.  To sharpen your pencil you simply:
1.  Pinch the black knobs together while extending the silver portion of the sharpener outward.
2.  Pinch the black knobs together again and insert your pencil fully into the sharpener.
3.  Turn the handle a few times until the silver mechanism moves closer to the sharpener base and you know you pencil is perfectly sharpened!  

Have you ever seen a pencil as sharp?  I know you're thinking that it probably breaks easily but it doesn't! And let me assure you the KIDS love how sharp these pencils are!  I love that it makes their writing so much neater!

Want MORE reason's to love it?  Well it's quiet!  Now it's not completely silent but it is BY FAR the quietest pencil sharpener I know of.  In addition, the shavings go into the see-through cup on the bottom so you can easily determine when it needs to be emptied.  The cup easily slides out so you can dispose of the shavings quickly and then it slides right back in.

Perhaps the #1 reason I love this sharpener is that even if it gets dropped on the floor by an overzealous first grader and gets banged up a bit it keeps working!  Granted the shaving cup has a tiny ding in it but the rest of the sharpener looks as good as it did the first day I received it and folks it fell on a CONCRETE floor! 

Now I said I'd be completely honest so therefore I will tell you I did have one small difficulty with the sharpener.  I had several pencil points break inside the sharpening device which caused it to temporarily stop working. HOWEVER, this was SO easy to remedy!  I just quickly pulled off the handle (just a half twist) and then tapped it on the side of the wastebasket and the pencil point went right into the trashcan.  I twisted the handle back on and the sharpener was ready to go!  You can't do that with those big electrical sharpeners!   I don't believe most people who own this sharpener have had this problem, I think perhaps mine may have a tiny imperfection that causes this to happen and it has ONLY happened with colored pencils.
Now seriously folks...this pencil sharpener rocks!

Don't just take my word for it...go check out this sharpener for yourself!  I KNOW you will LOVE it!
Just click the picture below!

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Currently and I'm NOT last this time!

Unlike last month I am right on time linking up with Farley for the February Currently!  Yahoo!
Listening:  Have you seen the Paranormal movies?  They are pretty much all the same but my fiance loves them and hey, at least they are WAY better than the Blair Witch Project.
Loving:  I'm having lots of fun making new fonts!  I showed my coworkers the program today and I think they are now hooked too! The font I used on my Currently is my handwriting.  So fun!
Thinking: This winter has been so unbelievably cold.  Believe me, I understand cold since I've lived in New Hampshire for most of my life but the older I get the less I can tolerate it!  I need a Florida vacation!
Wanting:  I really need an ink friendly printer.  I  have an HP all-in-one that prints probably about 100 copies or less per ink cartridge.  I just spent $140.00 tonight on 4 cartridges.  Yikes!  If you have a great printer I would seriously appreciate a recommendation!
Needing:  I've started making a lot of things for my classroom but I haven't finished any of them!  I've been creating a little bit at a time and using them with my kiddos.  I need to get ahead of the game!
Pet Peeves:  It drives me crazy when people take credit for something that someone else has made or an idea they created.  Give credit where credit is due!

I'm off to finish the rest of the movie and comment on the other blogs who have linked up!  Don't forget to join in the fun!
Oh' boy fourth grade
If you haven't checked out Khrys' super cute blog you should head right over!  She has an amazing 100 followers giveaway going on right now!
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