Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Currently May!!!

It's May!  I'm so excited!  I would be even more excited if it was June instead!  I'm not wishing my life away but PEOPLE I have 38 (I think) more days left of school!!!!  Ahhhh!  Okay, enough about that...I'm linking up with Farley for her awesome Currently linky.

Listening:  I love Criminal Minds or any kind of criminal like show!  Did any of  you watch this season's "The Following?"  Monday was the season finale and it was amazing!

Loving:  My family...always!

Thinking:  I have SO many new referrals and therefore their will be MANY new IEP's to write!  Ugh!  I do loathe paperwork!  Why can't we just spend our time teaching?

Wanting:  So my Spring break was last week and I spent 6 of the 9 days painting one of our bathrooms and our hallway.  Yes I really thought it would only take 2 days, perhaps 3 tops.  Clearly it did not work out that way!  Long story short we changed the bathroom paint after the first coat (the first paint choice came out way to dark) and I had to work around the fiance's work schedule.  So glad it was productive and it's done but if I ever have the idea to spend a break doing that again, someone PLEASE stop me!

Needing:  Sleep.  Who doesn't?  My problem is I don't know when to go to bed!  

Summer Bucket List:  I would like to finally open up a TpT store with all of the things I've been creating and using with my students to see if anyone else can benefit from them.  The fiance is taking two weeks off this summer and I'm hoping we'll go on an actual honest to goodness vacation (the last real vacation together was ummmmm......never).  I can't wait to sleep in and just relax (although I truly am not good at relaxing but at least I can spend this summer learning how to right)?

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