Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Currently and Do You Slant?

Long time no see!  Perhaps that should say long time no blog.  I'm so sorry for my long absence.  I had a challenging school year last year and the end of the year was even MORE challenging!  To say I was burnt out would be an understatement!  So I really needed to take a break from SCHOOL things. While I did continue to spend much of my summer blog stalking I clearly did not do any blog posting. I hope to turn that around beginning now!  Now don't get too excited as I'm not quite up to par of the amazing daily bloggers...but I'm going to try to blog at least weekly and there's only up from there! Without further ado... I'm linking up with my favorite link party...Farley's Currently!
I also took part in The Slantbox Exchange over on Jameson's blog, Lessons With Coffee.  Have you heard of it?  It.  Is.  Awesome!  Basically you are paired up with two bloggers, one of which you send a box of goodies to and the other you receive a box of goodies from!  Every month has a theme and this month's theme was "My Favorite Things," where you sent your partner things that they love!  I received my box from Veronica at
 Teaching with giggles
Veronica did an AMAZING job picking out goodies for me!  She even packed the box so perfectly! Each gift was individually wrapped in hot pink tissue fav!
Super cute pens and pencils, a pretty flower and pink post-it notes, yummy vanilla tea, super sour candy and a super adorable GIANT pink clothespin that she personalized with my last name!  I LOVE IT ALL!  Thanks SO much Veronica!


  1. I can't wait for the new shows to start either! I am an ABC junkie...I watch like every show they air!
    I hope that this school year is going better for you! I already feel a little burnt out myself and it's only my third week of school!

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  2. The Slantbox exchange sounds like so much fun. I have to check that out!

  3. I think you need to stop "thinking" about a night away with your honey and just do it! The Missus and I recently went away overnight and left our son with family. He's almost 7 and we have never left him overnight. Overdue, I know. It was very refreshing and wonderful to have even that short time away.

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