Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baseball, Boston and Big Brother

Yesterday the fiancee and I went to a Red Sox Game in Boston.  The fiancee was super excited because he had never been to a Red Sox game before (even though they are his favorite team and we live less than an hour outside of Boston).  I was excited because the tickets were free!  Little did I know how many mini fiascoes would occur on our trip.

The first "bump" started five minutes into our ride when I realized that we didn't have my EZ Pass because I had left it in a friend's car when we went on a mini vacation recently.  That was easily solved...we'd just stop at the ATM  for some cash (mmm yeah, I hardly EVER carry cash anymore) to pay the tolls.  At the ATM the fiancee proceeded to withdraw $400.00 from my savings account instead of the $100.00 he was supposed to choose.  Hello big fingers!  As we proceed to drive through the traffic I manage to lock myself out of my bank account by typing in the wrong password too many times on my phone.  Really?  You betcha!

Fifty minutes later we are at Kenmore Square looking for parking....$45.00 here, $40.00 there...and yes finally we find a bargain at $35.00!  All is good as we head into the park and find our seats.  They are good seats, but not great, and seriously folks I don't know who these seats are actually made for but it isn't anyone over the age of 12.  Can you say SQUISHED?  I think I became too familiar with the man sitting on my left!  Yikes!

Soon after we sat down it began to slowly drizzle.  No biggie.  Ummm yeah until the drizzle turned to a regular rain shower for the next two hours!  We finally decided to head out (hey we didn't PAY for the tickets after all).  Just as we left the stadium we hear that they've called a rain delay.  Yeah good choice!  At least the Sox were winning!

We made it back to our car in record time but we were thoroughly soaked and cold. We agree that we won't forget this adventure any time soon!

Doesn't the fiancee look soooooo happy?
So does anyone out there watch Big Brother?  I {big puffy heart} LOVE  it!  I have to admit that I am in love/annoyed with Brittany about a billion times per episode.  Her dead on impersonations of her fellow housemates crack me up!  Yet I don't understand how she CONSTANTLY misreads them in other situations...and then tells people misinformation based on her conversations with those people.  Ugh!  And someone please tell me WHY would Shane save Ashley?  That girl puts the ditz in ditzy!  "My name is Ashley and I don't eat meat because I'm a Veterinarian." I do love the colorful cast!  :o)


  1. Love the Red Sox! Sorry you had so many issues! I definitely have my share of stories from going to Red Sox games!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Hi Sara!

    I hope you're having a great summer! All of the issues were still worth it! I'd go see the Sox anytime!


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