Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

Our school district has adopted the Common Core and we have started to implement it this year.  As you can imagine we don't have many resources yet and only a handful of us have had any training about the Common Core.  So you can imagine how excited I I was to see this amazing book:

This amazing resource book is filled with worksheets and activities addressing the Kindergarten Common Core in Math and English.  It is 399 pages and only costs $39.99!  If you visit the website (click the picture above or on the words "Kindergarten Common Core") you can download a sample of the book and view for yourself what a great resource this is!  They also have versions for grades 1-5!  I'm hoping my district will buy several copies of each grade level.  Go check out this fantastic resource!  You won't be disappointed!
You will also want to check out Primary Possibilities.
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Stephanie has created an amazing resource of "On The Back" (word work) activities and when she reaches 500 followers she will be offering the whole pack for free AND she will be hosting a 500 follower giveaway!  If you are not a follower yet...head on over (just click the button above)!

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  1. Thanks for posting!! Yeah!! I want that book too! I am going to go look at amazon right now!! Stephanie


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